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April 15, 2015

Man dressed as horse offers $1 rides to fund son's leukemia treatment

 Hefei man has taken to begging on the streets to collect money for his sick son's leukemia treatment, wearing a horse mask and offering to give pedestrians a ride for five kuai (1 USD)
Photos show the 38-year-old man kneeling on the pavement next to a sign. The billboard includes a photo of his sick boy, a short account of their plight and a plea to passers-by to support his cause: "One ride for five kuai. Good-hearted people will ride once."
The man estimates that he often receives a few hundred yuan in charity per day, and sometimes generous benefactors reach out to him to offer large sums.
After his son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011, the man required 200,000 RMB (32,000 USD) to pay for chemotherapy treatment, and still faces outstanding debt of 160,000 RMB (26,000 USD).
When the boy's illness came back in March, his father turned to begging to pay for medication and further treatment.

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