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November 30, 2011

Beating heart for courage

Would you swallow the beating heart of a chicken to regain your courage?”

Art sand table

كاريكاتير - ازمة سوريا

ستافر جبرا - جريدة البلد - لبنان
Stavro Jabra - Albalad Newspaper - Lebanon

400 Mountain Dew Cans

Christmas Tree Made From 400 Mountain Dew Cans

November 19, 2011

Braking hard on stage floor carpet

كاريكاتير - مصر قبل الانتخابات

حبيب حداد - جريدة الحياة - لندن
Habeeb Haddad - Alhayat Newspaper - London

November 8, 2011

The Stone Mirror, Antalya, Turkey

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magic piano

Gif different hats

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What was that about hats again?

Proof in your hands

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November 7, 2011


نادر - جريدة أخبار الخليج - البحرين
Nader - Akhbar Alkhaleej Newspaper - Bahrain

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel trying wheelchairs

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit a firm for electronical wheelchairs in Timra.

Vampire Caramel Apples

Vampire Caramel Apples , recipe here

Philippines flag changes in times of war

Philippines flag in times of peace.

Philippines flag in times of war.

The flag of the Philippines differs from all others in a way that in times of war the red stripe goes on top of the blue one. It’s a law.

Audio illusion

Listen to the link and then replay and listen to it again, notice how the sound is descending and when replay keeps descending more and more.


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