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May 30, 2008

lunch time


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live Honda advert

Channel 4 have broadcast an ambitious advert by Honda which shows a group of 19 professional skydivers spelling out the company's name live from the skies above Spain. The team had just three minutes and 20 seconds to execute the advert and managed to do it without a hitch.
The advert itself is pretty uneventful but it was the first live television advert to be broadcast in Britain.

check this analogy clock

May 29, 2008

wife-carrying race

A man carries a woman during a "wife-carrying" race marking the 305th anniversary of the city in central St. Petersburg on May 24, 2008.

May 27, 2008

مصطفى سلامة: بطل اردني على قمة افرست

اهدى المتسلق الاردني مصطفى سلامة انجازه العالمي برفع علم الاردن خفاقا في سماء اعلى قمة بالعالم سلسلة جبال الهملايا ( قمة ايفرست) الى قائد الوطن جلالة الملك عبدالله الثاني وسمو الامير علي بن الحسين والى افراد الاسرة الهاشمية والشعب الاردني .وتمكن مصطفى فجر اليوم الاحد من الوصول لقمة ايفرس التي يبلغ ارتفاعها ( 29500) متر عن سطح الارض في محاولته الثالثة كأول انجاز لمتسلق اردني رافعا علم الاردن في العيد الثاني والستين لاستقلال المملكة.واشار مصطفى انه ينوي خلال شهري كانون ثاني واذار من العام المقبل السير على الاقدام من القطب الجنوبي الى القطب الشمالي.يذكر ان مصطفى تسلق اعلى قمة في افريقيا (كالمن جارو) واعلى قمة في شمال امريكا( ديالي) واعلى قمة في المحيط المتجمد الجنوبي( فينسن ماسيف)واعلى قمة في اوروبا( البروز) واعلى قمة في جنوب اميركا( اكن كاجوا) واعلى قمة في استراليا ( بينمد) واخير قمة افريست في اسيا

concrete art

Design concept by Transparent house
Design studio Transparent House has a neat new way of dressing up stark industrial bare concrete floors. Supposedly their floral patterns can be applied to both newly poured floor and that where the concrete is already set.


food fight

Laurel and Hardy

$5000 burger

French restaurant Fleur de Lys in the Mandalay Bay resort, Las Vegas offer a $5000 burger called the “Fleurburger 5000″…
Its not just any ole burger though. This one has a Kobe Beef patty with a rich truffle sauce served on a brioche truffle bun and served with its own complementary beverage..a bottle of 1990 Chateau Petrus. The drink is served in a Ichendorf Brunello stemware glass that you get to take away with you.
And…if you take a friend you get an extra burger for free.
It sounds like one of those great offers doesn’t it…buy a magazine for just $20,000 and get a free car!
But the burger does sound mighty tasty doesn’t it. You also get a nice little certificate you can hang on your wall to show that you ate and ultimately shat a $5,000 burger! Now thats something you want to keep! (The certificate, not the excrement).

diamond mercedes

this car costs $4.8million and belongs to prince ALWALEED in saudia

Internet to run out of addresses 'within 3 years'

IF YOU thought it was hard finding the email address that some other john.smith hasn't already bagged, that's nothing compared with the difficulty you'll have getting an internet connection for your computer after 2011.
As of this month 85 per cent of the 4.3 billion available Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which identify devices connected to the net, are already in use. Within three years they will all be used up, according to a report by the OECD. "The situation is critical for the future of the internet economy," it says.
The report urges governments and businesses to upgrade from the current version, IPv4, to IPv6, which effectively has an unlimited number of IP addresses. IPv6 has been available for more than a decade but service providers have been slow to adopt it.

May 26, 2008

Boeing-747 breaks into two while taking off in Belgium

A large cargo plane(Boeing-747) crashed and broke apart close to a row of houses while trying to abort a takeoff Sunday at Brussels airport, authorities said. The Boeing 747-200 skidded to a halt in a field at the end of a runway around 1:30 p.m. (1130 GMT). Four of the five crew members on board the plane, operated by U.S.-based cargo carrier Kalitta Air, were slightly injured and were hospitalized, said Jan Van der Cruysse, spokesman at Brussels Airport.
The aircraft cracked near the tail and by the wings when it slid 300 meters (328 yards) past the end of runway 20. The plane, full of fuel, stopped just five meters (5.47 yards) from a rail line and 500 meters (547 yards) from houses on the edge of the town of Zaventem. "I just heard a boom, and then I saw the plane go by the cemetery and the plane seems to be going off, sliding off, and then I heard a second boom, that's all I saw," local resident Johan Schoelink told Associated Press Television.

pork stone

The “pork stone” is formed when natural stone mixes with other types of minerals to form multi-colored layers.It is actually attendees of the Suzhou Int’l Expo for Natural and Weird Stones.
Yup, besides the physical appearance, these are just really cool and weird stones, that happen to look like pieces of pork in an everyday market.

body art

pregnant man doing his garden

nice photos

May 25, 2008


Benjamin Verdonck is the artist who is behind this crazy project: hanging with a bird nest high on the Rotterdam Weena Tower in the Netherlands.

miracle fruit

It’s the miracle fruit, a berry from West Africa with an amazing effect: When you eat a piece of the strange fruit, it makes everything sour taste sweet for the next hour or so. When the fleshy part of the fruit is eaten, this molecule binds to the tongue's taste buds, causing bitter and sour foods (such as lemons and limes) consumed later to taste sweet. This effect lasts between thirty minutes and two hours. It is not a sweetener, as its effects depend on what is eaten afterwards, but has been used to sweeten bitter medicines.
That means, with the magical effects of the miracle fruit in place, you can scarf down lemon slices as if they were gummy drops.

RR supports Palestine.

Rachael Ray at Dunkin' Donuts ad wearing Palestinian kaffiyeh.

May 24, 2008

different rose

Lavender - France


nice fences

two headed turtle

A two-headed Greek turtle named Janus eats some salad leaves at the Natural History Museum in Geneva. Janus, named after the Roman god with two heads

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