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December 19, 2008

all male,all ballet

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, known as the Trocks, is a group of professional male dancers with a penchant for ballet. Their repertoire includes modern dance, classical interpretations and original choreography. The Trocks have performed in more than 500 cities around the world, with 2009 tour stops scheduled for Dallas, Ottawa, Paris and several cities in the United Kingdom.Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo was formed in 1974. The Herald Sun had this to say about the troupe: "What other ensemble would enthusiastically display a hairy-chested Odette, ballerinas larger than the males partnering them and a dance diva who cannot remember her steps?"

15yr old girl suffers from clubbed feet

Jingle Luis, 15, from Luna in the province of Apayao on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, walks with crutches in New York's Children's Hospital at Montefiore, Wednesday April 30, 2008. Due to spina bifida she has severely clubbed feet. Over a period of two to three months, on a daily basis, she will have Erector Set-type devices, that will be attached surgically to both feet, systematically turn them into their proper positions. This CT scan provided by New York's Children's Hospital at Montefiore, Wednesday April 30, 2008, shows the severely clubbed feet .

she thought she was overweight?

Linda Rittenbach, 58, is shown here with one of her physicians before one of her three surgeries to remove two tumors -- which together weighed 140 pounds -- from the area near her stomach. Doctors originally did not suspect that Rittenbach was carrying such massive tumors; they assumed that she was simply overweight.The smaller of the two tumors removed from Rittenbach was about the size of a piece of carry-on luggage. Doctors performed a total of three surgeries to cut the growths from Rittenbach's abdomen.

Lai facial tumor removed

As seen in this photo, Lai endured a huge facial tumor, known as a Schwannoma, for most of her life. In addition to keeping her out of school, it has made even simple actions like breathing and talking difficult. On April 29, surgeons carried out a 14-hour procedure to remove the growth, hoping to help her live a normal life.Lai, who is scheduled to undergo additional surgery on Oct. 10 to reconstruct her jaw, can now drink fluids and may soon be able to eat soft foods. While she still has a tracheostomy tube in her throat for safety purposes, the tube will likely be removed during the next round of surgery. Afterward, doctors are hopeful that she will begin to be able to speak normally for the first time in years.

December 18, 2008

The shoe felt around the world

shoe felt around the world
A slide show of pictures from around the world reactions on shoe -throwing incident at Bush.

Garfield x-mass gift

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ابو محجوب كاريكتير

December 17, 2008

حذاء منتظر) يظهر في لعبة إلكترونية ).....a great game

play this game , its a great new one.. enjoy it ,,

Yellow treehouse

The New Zealand Yellow Pages are building a restaurant 10 meters up on a redwood tree. It is now under construction on a site north of Auckland. This tree restaurant is designed by Pacific Environments Architects. This treehouse concept gives you an expression of childhood dreams and fairy tales. It is inspired by the chrysalis/cocoon safeguarding the emerging butterfly/moth. It has a 60m tree-top walkway getting you up to the restaurant and inside there’s ample space for 18 seating people and staff and complete with a bar. The kitchen and the toilet will be located at the ground level. The acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof under the fins to get the protection for tough weather conditions .. more here

baby tigers are beaten for a good photo

It seems there will never be an end to the amount of cruelty the Chinese show animals in exchange for the money they earn from tourists.
At the Qingling Wild Animal Park in Xian, China, baby tigers are chained to tables to allow tourist the opportunity to get a good, close-up, picture.

الحصان صاحب اطول ذيل في العالم

سجل هذا الحصان الذي يدعى "سمر بريز" اسمه في موسوعة الارقام القياسية العالمية كصاحب اطول ذيل في العالم حيث يبلغ طول ذيله قرابة 4 متر ..صاحب الحصان الذي يدعى "كريستال سوشا وهو من تكساس الامريكية سعيد جدا بذيل حصانه ويحرص دائما على تمشيطه وغسله بالشامبو بين الحين والاخر , كما يحرص على لف ذيل الحصان كي لا يصاب بالتلف خاصة بعد خروجه من حلبات المشاركة في المسابقات

world's most expensive abaya (Islamic dress)

The abaya that Bruce has created is covered in 4,668 individual diamonds with a gold weight of 359.7 grams of white gold. The total carat weight of the diamonds is 85.13 carats, and the colour of the stones is g/h and clarity is vs quality. The diamonds are supplied by bespoke London diamond dealer Harriet Crosley of Crosley Diamonds. The abaya that Bruce Oldfield has created will be on sale at £175,000 with a donation going to Islamic Relief, (a global relief charity) at a major British luxury brands trade fair, took place at InterContinental London Park Lane on Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday, August 3rd 2008, titled 'The Saudi Gulf Luxury Trade Fair'.

December 16, 2008

led candles

The LED Blow On-Off Candles are solid wax (except for some electronics) and feature a natural-looking, flickering light just like normal candles, but they have a couple of extra techno enhanced powers. Regular candles will blow out if you blow on the flame, but these LED candles will also blow on. All you have to do is use the master on/off switch on the bottom, and these candles will turn on and off with just a puff at the "flame". Even better, each candle has a switch to select either a cool blue flame, or a more realistic yellowish flame. From the proper distance and height, these candles will fool everyone into thinking they are the real thing; they are a fantastic way to put candles where it is too dangerous to have open flames. And, they won't drip wax all over your mithril armor either.Three heights are available - 3″,4″ and 6″ and run on batteries - button or AAA depending on the size of the candles. The price of $12-$15 is worth the piece of mind.

whistling ape

Recently, a keeper was walking past the great ape house at the Smithsonian National Zoo, in Washington DC, when he heard whistling coming from inside. Thinking that one of the zoo's visitors had infiltrated the restricted area, he hurried to investigate. It turned out not to be a person who was making the noise, but one of the ape house's long-time residents, Bonnie, a 30-year-old orangutan.Serge Wich and his colleagues at the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa, think she copied it from the keepers and have been studying Bonnie's behaviour since she went public. She can't hold a tune, as such, and in the scientists' opinion she doesn't whistle for attention, or to ask for anything, but just to pass the time of day. "It appears that she does it for her own satisfaction," says Al Setka, a spokesman for the trust.

Wooden shoes

French designer Paul Coudamy has created these wooden shoes for footwear brand K-Swiss.
Coudamy describes the project as a “temporal contraction in which the Swiss country shoe of 19th century is crossed with the urban shoe of the 20th century.”The shoes are hand-carved and produced in a limited edition of 25.

وجها ًهو الأقرب للملكة كليوباترا

فجرت الباحثة الإنكليزية المتخصصة في الآثار المصرية القديمة "سالي آن أشتون" مفاجأة من العيار الثقيل¡ عندما أعلنت عن أن الوجه الذي لطالما اشتهرت به الملكة الفرعونية "كليوباترا"¡ وسبق لنجمات كبيرات أمثال إليزابيث تايلور وصوفيا لورين أن جسدت دورها علي الشاشة الفضية¡ قد لا يكون الوجه الذي يعبر عن تفاصيل وجه الملكي الحقيقي
وقالت أشتون أنها تعتقد أن الصورة الكمبيوترية المحدثة ثلاثية الأبعاد التي تم تصميمها للملكة ربما تكون الصورة الأكثر شبها ً للملكة التي عرفت بأسطورة الجمال التي اشتهرت بقدرتها علي اللهو والإغراء. وقد تم تجميع تلك الصورة من خلال صور تم التقاطها لتحف أثرية عتيقة¡ تشتمل علي أحد الخواتم التي يعود تاريخها إلي فترة حكم الملكة منذ حوالي 2000 عام¡ كما جاءت هذه الصورة كعصارة عمل بحثي جاد استمر لمدة عام كامل

طفل حشر نفسه داخل خزنة حديدية

الاطفال يضعون انفسهم احيانا في مآزق كثيرة ..ولكن ما حدث في اسطنبول التركية نهاية هذا الاسبوع كان حادثا لم تشهد فرق الانقاذ مثله ..طفل محشور داخل خزنة حديدية والمطلوب اخراجه حيا ..الطفل تم دفعه من قبل اصدقاءه عن طريق المزاح داخل الخزنة التي انغلقت خلفه ..صاحب الدكان الذي تعود له الخزنة التي كانت موجودة امام دكانه كان في اجازة نهاية الاسبوع ومن الصعب العثور على مكان تواجده لاخذ مفتاح الخزنة ..جميع الطرق لفتح الخزنة فشلت فاضطر رجال الاطفاء وفي سباق مع الزمن الى استعمال المقص الكهربائي لاخراج الطفل الذي خرج سالما هذه المرة بفضل يقظة احد المارة الذي لاحظ ما حدث واتصل بالشرطة التي هرعت الى المكان

Old photos of USA

Miss World 2008

Xenia Suhinova, from Siberia has just won the title of Miss World 2008 held in Johannesburg. This is the 58th annual international beauty pageant with a total of 112 gorgeous participants. Second place went to Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Gabriel Walcott, while third position went to Miss India Parvati Omanakuttan.

December 15, 2008

Cat Wears Contacts

Ernest is a 15-year-old cat who lives at a shelter in Godshill on the Isle of Wight. He suffers from entropion, a condition where the eyelids roll inward and cause inflammation. Surgery might correct the condition, but veterinarians were concerned about how such an old cat would react to an anesthetic. The solution? Contact lenses. He has lived at the RSPCA rescue centre in Godshill, Isle of Wight, for 13 years after he was injured in a car accident.

December 14, 2008

بالفيديو.. ضرب بوش بالحذاء أثناء زيارته للعراق hurled shoes at George Bush during trip to Iraq.

قام صحفى عراقى برشق حذائه باتجاه الرئيس الأمريكى جورج بوش ورئيس الوزراء نورى المالكى عندما كانا يتصافحان فى مقر الأخير مساء اليوم الأحد وهتف قائلا "كلب"، بحسب مراسل وكالة الأنباء الفرنسية.وبعد المصافحة بين الرجلين فى آخر لقائهما، قام مراسل قناة "البغدادية" الصحفى منتظر الجيدى الذى كان واقفا بين المراسلين برشق حذائه باتجاههما قائلا "هذه قبلة الوداع يا كلب".ابتسم بوش قائلا: "لقد قام بذلك من أجل لفت الانتباه إليه. هذا الأمر لا يقلقنى ولا يزعجنى. أعتقد أن هذا الشخص أراد أن يقوم بعمل يسألنى الصحفيون عنه. لم أشعر بأى تهديد".ونهض صحفى عراقى قائلاً: "إننى أعتذر باسم الصحفيين العراقيين"

An angry Iraqi hurled his shoes at George Bush today as he made a farewell visit to Baghdad.
Calling him 'a dog' in Arabic, the Iraqi TV reporter took off his shoes at a news conference and threw them towards the president, forcing him to duck.
One landed 15ft from Bush while the other sailed over his head as he was giving a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.more here

Eid al-Adha photos

A Member of the French Council for Muslim Communities visits defaced graves of Muslim World War I soldiers at the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette cemetery in Ablain-Saint-Nazaire, northern France, Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2008. Vandals desecrated at least 500 tombs of Muslim soldiers in northern France on Monday. The desecration near the town of Arras appeared timed with the start of Eid al-Adha, the most important holiday in the Muslim calendar.
Iranian women perform the Eid Al-Adha prayers at Tehran University on December 9, 2008
Indian Muslims pray together to mark Eid al-Adha in Mumbai, India December 9, 2008

Iraqi Shiite celebrates Eid aL-Adha

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Plastic flowers and posters of the dead adorn hundreds of graves as Shiite Muslims visit the graves of loved ones at the Martyr's cemetery in the southern city of Najaf, some 160 kms from the capital Baghdad as Shiites mark the start of the Eid al-Adha on December 9 2008. (QASSEM ZEIN/AFP/Getty Images)

L'oreal ad

colorful frogs

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