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September 27, 2009

Mojito shoe by Julian Hakes

Julian Hakes designed shoes that have no sole. The support is there, though, for the heel and ball of the foot, which forms a natural bridge between the two. In the course of designing, he had tracing paper and masking tape on his foot, drew the patterns, and then used a scalpel to cut it off.Called Mojito, the design consists of a single piece that wraps around the wearer’s foot, forming support for the heel and ball.

Pears in China

Buddha shaped pears are seen in an orchard in Weixian county, Hebei province September 10, 2009. Hao Xianzhang, a local famer, spent six years to perfect the process by growing the pears inside moulds, local media reported. The pears cost around 50 yuan (7.32 USD) each. Picture taken September 10, 2009.

September 25, 2009

The Australian Sydney sand storm attack

On September 23, Sydney entire city covered in piece of red-orange dust and fog, because the visibility is quite low, the airplane and the ferryboat are grounded temporarily or stop trips.

Spain Royal Family received Spain’s Basketball National team

Princess Letizia of Spain often looks tiny in photos because she’s standing next to her much-taller husband, Prince Felipe (whose height is estimated at 197 cm, or 6′5″). And she looked teenier than ever on September 21, when Spanish national basketball team players attended a reception at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.
From left to right in photo: Princess Letizia, Prince Felipe, Queen Sofia, Pau Gasol (who, according to Wikipedia, is 2.13 m or 7 ft tall), King Juan Carlos, and Marc Gasol (who is 7′1″). I know someone will ask me Letizia’s exact height, and I haven’t been able to determine that, sorry. She is apparently of average height and usually wears high heels in photos. (Photo from Zuma Press)

September 23, 2009

بلقيس لاعبة السلة الأمريكية المسلمة...Obama salutes Bilqis,,young muslim player

وصلت أصداء نجاحات بلقيس إلى الرئيس الأمريكي، باراك أوباما، الذي قال عنها خلال حفل الإفطار السنوي الذي أقامه لممثلي الأقلية المسلمة بالبيت الأبيض أوائل الشهر الجاري إنها: "نموذج لفتاة حققت نجاحا كبيرا في مدرستها رغم أن طولها لا يتجاوز 5.5 أقدام
وهنا داعب أوباما بلقيس طالبا منها الوقوف وهو يقول: «أين هي بلقيس؟" وقال مداعبا: "قفي حتى نستطيع.. أريد من الجميع أن يعرفوا أنها ترتدي حذاء ذا كعب عال
واستطرد أوباما في تقديمه لبلقيس: "إنها أكثر لاعبة كرة سلة تسجل نقاطا في فريق مدرسة ثانوية في تاريخ ولاية ماستشوستس.. بلقيس نموذج رياضي، وتعتبر مصدر إلهام، ليس فقط للفتيات المسلمات، بل لنا جميعا
وحول إشادة أوباما بها، قالت بلقيس: "لم أرد أن أتفاخر أو أتباهى عندما سلطت الأضواء علي بعد مقابلة الرئيس.. فالفضل لله أولا، ثم لوالدتي التي علمتني التواضع
بالطبع.. ديني يأتي في المقام الأول.. الحجاب لا يمثل عقبة أمامي في ممارسة الرياضة، وكذلك الصيام؛ لأني لا أفكر فيما يقوله الناس عن حجابي، ولا في الجوع والعطش، ولكن أفكر في ما يرضي ربي؛ فديني هو مصدر عزي
بهذه العبارة عبرت بلقيس عبد القادر، لاعبة كرة السلة التي حطمت الرقم القياسي لأعلى نسبة أهداف تسجلها لاعبة بتاريخ مدارس ولاية ماسوشيست الأمريكية الثانوية، عن فخرها بدينها الإسلامي وحرصها على اتباع تعاليمه التي أوصلتها إلى مصاف النجوم في بلد ذي غالبية مسيحية. وتعبر بلقيس عن سعادتها بالتعاون الذي يبديه بعض المحيطين بها معها، واحترامهم لطقوسها الدينية، قائلة: "عندما حل رمضان تزامن وقت الإفطار مع الوقت الذي أمارس فيه التدريب في الأيام العادية، ومع ذلك قَّدم المدرب ميعاد التدريب إلى فترة الظهيرة حتى يتسنى لي استكمال صيام اليوم ثم تناول طعام الإفطار في وقته وأضافت: "الجميع هنا يدرك في أي شهر نحن نكون، لذا إذا حضر وقت الصلاة فيتم تأجيل ميعاد اللعب أو السماح لي بالمغادرة، وأصدقائي يقرضونني دراجاتهم إذا حضر وقت صلاة الجمعة، لأذهب بإحداها
وأحرزت بلقيس أعلى نسبة أهداف في تاريخ ولاية ماسوشيست، متخطية بذلك الـ 2.710 نقاط
U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday 1st sep.2009 praised Islam as an integral part of America, as he feted prominent U.S. Muslims at an Iftar dinner marking the holy fasting month of Ramadan.Among the guests Obama praised was Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, a first-year student at the University of Memphis who scored more points than any other girl or boy in the history of high school basketball in the state of Massachusetts. "She recently told a reporter, 'I would like to inspire a lot of young Muslim girls if they want to play basketball. Anything is possible, they can do it too,'" said Obama, who has a well-known love of the sport
Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, who is on her way to becoming the firstplayer in Massachusetts state history--male or female--to score 3,000points, wearing the hijab was not an option but she was determined notto let it be an obstacle either.At 5' 3.5", Bilqis started playing as an eighth-grader for New Leadership Charter School in Springfield but it was not until she reached puberty that she put the Muslim veil on and consequently start playing in full Muslim dress with her arms and legs completely covered beneath her uniform.

Jail spa,prisoners do facial for people!!

A prison warden takes care of customers at a jail spa on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Prisoners working in the spa are paid a small allowance, and the rest of the income generated from the business is used to help fund other rehabilitation programmes, such as bakery and sewing classes.

A Malaysian police officer stays inside a spa as a customer gets a hair treatment at a jail spa on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. The salon has welcomed a steady stream of customers since opening late last year, offering head-to-toe beauty services such as facials, pedicures, foot reflexology and massages for as little as 30 ringgit (8.5 dollars).

China's hairy man

Yu Zenhuan, his hair covers 96% of his body.
Yu was diagnosed with a rare condition that causes hair to grow in places it normally shouldn’t. he was born in a family of farmers and, when he was only 2 years old, his parents noticed he had hair coming out of his auditory canals. His situation worsened as he grew up and now almost his entire body is covered with long thick hair.
But Yu might have the chance of living a normal life, he is now undertaking a laser treatment to have his hair removed. Basically, every hair on his body will have to be zapped with laser. That can’t be pleasant, but for Yu Zenhuan it’s nowhere as painful as looking in the mirror.


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Jump_ song for Pointer Sisters and a clip Hugh Grant dances to it

The scene were the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) dances to the song "Jump" in the movie "Love Actually".

September 19, 2009

Scary illusion

This seems a nice picture at the first glance,, but if u concentrate harder you will find its a scary one...
WELL.. give up ....
Here how it works,, turn the pic, upsdie down ..or if not, try viewing the screen while standing on your head.

Madrid fashion show

A model presents a creation by Spanish designer Amai Rodriguez during the Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid, Spain, Sept. 18, 2009 .

عيد فطر سعيد لجميع المسلمين

hungry???have a bite

Naked Pizza!!

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - September 17, 2009 -- Naked Pizza isn't what you might think.
It's pizza without any artificial additives.

This Side Up - A Short Animation by Liron Topaz

wow its funny.


nice ad

Mac. ad

George Clooney funny photo

The Hula Song

remember this part in the Lion King! Timon does the hula :)

September 18, 2009

Sultan Kosen from Turkey is world's tallest man

Sultan Kosen from Turkey, who is 2 metres 46.5 cm (8 feet 1 inch) tall and also claims the record for the largest hands and largest feet, attended an event in London to promote the Guinness World Records 2010 book, September 16, 2009.

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