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March 4, 2015

China's most fashionable street cleaner

Images of a sanitation worker sweeping the streets of Deyang, Sichuan province while rocking a black miniskirt, stockings and high-heels have been making the rounds on Chinese social media, where some web users have awarded her the title of China's most sharply dressed cleaner.
A passerby snapped some photos of the woman near the intersection of Lushan Road and Weihe Road on March 1 and later uploaded them online. "Sanitation sister" became a web sensation, and street cleaners across the country took note. Presumably.
Sichuan News Network eventually managed to track down the woman, Liu Junhua, at the sanitation department she worked for. Unfortunately for all street cleaners who were inspired to make the sidewalk their personal runway of sorts, this isn't the woman's typical work uniform. She said she'd been shopping when she received a call to cover a co-worker and didn't have time to change her clothes.

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