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March 30, 2015

Beijing romantic proposes to girlfriend with a meat bouquet...في الصين..تقدم شاب لصديقته ببوكيه من الازهار و اللحم ..فوافقت عليه

Over the weekend, one Beijing boyfriend showed that you needn't go out and buy ludicrous amounts of iPhones in order to confess your love to your partner, all you need is some compassion, sincerity, and a meat-filled floral arrangement.
According to reports via Tencent, the proposal took place in a Beijing hot pot restaurant. The couple has been dating for five years since they met at university. Apparently, the girlfriend loves to eat meat.
She said yes, of course, and the restaurant erupted in cheers. We can only assume that the couple then transferred the meat from bouquet to hot pot and will live happily ever after in meat-filled bliss.

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