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February 24, 2015

NARUHITO of JAPAN celebrates his 55th birthday

Official of the Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan Photos for its 55th anniversary
Naruhito of Japan celebrated 55 years on Monday. On this occasion, the imperial court has released new photos of the crown prince, alone and with his wife Masako and their daughter Aiko.
The son of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko was born on 23 February 1960, in Tokyo. On the seventh day after his birth, first name, title and his personal emblem was given to His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Naruhito Hiro.
Naruhito is the first child of an emperor to have been raised by his father and mother. Before that, children of the imperial family were separated early from their parents to be educated by tutors. Akihito and Michiko, more modern than their ancestors wanted to be close to their children - it will be the same for the Fumihito brother and sister Sayako.
Naruhito married Masako Owada, a diplomat in 1993 after a long court. Together they had a daughter on December 1, 2001, the Imperial Princess Aiko Toshi. He resides with his wife and daughter, the official residence of the crown prince, the palace of Togu.

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