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January 21, 2015

Woman with cerebral palsy writes fiction novel with her left foot

A 21-year-old woman in Anhui province who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and received no formal education in school has been writing a fictional story, now over 60,000 words in length, using only her foot.
It's no easy job for Hu to type every single word on computer with only her foot. She has to target a key she wants, move her foot towards to the keyboard and then press it down with strength. While she's typing, her body is fastened to her wheelchair with a belt to help her keep stable.Hu told reporters that she's able to type around 20 to 30 words per minute
.Hu, who never received a formal education but is very well-spoken, told reporters: "I teach myself. I'm not a genius but I'm very focused. When I watched TV in my childhood, I often learned words with subtitles.
"Hu's mother recalled: "When I was trying to teach her how to speak, I needed to be very patient as every single word might take a thousand times of repeating. But once she mastered the word, I felt fairly satisfied.
"Hu said she plans on writing eight chapters, and has just completed chapter six.

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