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May 29, 2010

Alaska soldier under investigation after posting `gay terrorist' video on Facebook...جندي يستهزء بطفلين عراقيين على فيس بوك

من الواضح ان الطفلان لا يفهمان مالذي يمليه الجندي الامريكي فكان يسالهما ان كانا شاذين و ارهابيين و هما يوكدان بابتسامة على ذلك دون ان يفهما ما يقول.. و قد حول الجندي الذي صور ذلك و بثه على موقعه في فيس بوك الى التحقيق
An Alaska-based soldier is under investigation for a video on his Facebook page that taunts smiling Iraqi children by asking if they're gay, if they engage in certain sex acts and if they would grow up to be terrorists.The two young boys did not appear to understand the questions, which were in English, but smiled at the camera and at times flashed the "thumbs up" gestures during the 30-second clip.Spc. Robert A. Rodriguez, who is based at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, was ordered to remove the video from his site, Army spokesman Maj. Bill Coppernoll said Monday."The incident is currently under investigation, and the Army will take appropriate action based on the findings of the investigation," he said.

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